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Solutions:  Quantitative Research

The HSM team includes master's-level staff specialized in research methodology, survey design, and statistical analysis. Our quantitative research and analytics capabilities cover a full spectrum.

Data Analysis


HSM will advise on the optimal design and analytical tools for your project – whether your research questions can be answered using basic analysis or if they are better addressed with complex approaches, such as factor analysis, cluster analysis, discriminant function, or structural equation modeling. 

A few examples of analytical tools suited to answer specific research questions:

  • Driver analysis (regression-based) – What are the most important predictors of satisfaction, of perceived value of clients' products and services, intent to purchase, and other loyalty measures?

  • Data integration and competitive gaps – How do results compare to research we have done in other business areas, or for similar clients?

  • Segmentation (e.g., cluster analysis and discriminant function analysis) – What demographic and psychographic characteristics align with different groups of customers?

  • Product evaluation (conjoint analysis) – What product features will drive purchasing decisions?  What is the market share potential? 

  • Position in perceptual space (e.g., correspondence analysis or discriminant function analysis) – How does your brand compare to competition and what differentiates it?

Online Surveys


We use established and reliable survey software tools to do all programming and hosting in-house by a team of seasoned programmers, allowing substantial flexibility in survey design and implementation. 

Phone Surveys


Studies targeting high-level executives in hospitals, health plans, group practices, and employers are conducted in-house. HSM works with its research partners for large-scale, quantitative telephone fielding; all are equipped for on-site and remote client monitoring at each of its centers.


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