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Solutions:  Qualitative Research

HSM has coordinated and conducted thousands of focus groups and one-on-one in-person and telephone interviews with administrative and clinical leaders, employers, clinicians, and consumers. 

Research Design

Research Design.PNG

We design creative methodologies and discussion leads to guide participants through productive and natural dialogue with our moderators.  
Depending on research objectives, we may recommend a mixed methodology, such as a hybrid Internet/IDI approach, that results in more nuanced and projectable insight than any methodology alone provides.



Using time-tested techniques and tireless, resourceful initiative, our recruiting staff excels at securing participation from tough-to-reach audiences.  We leverage our own databases of stakeholders and decision makers in a variety of organizations, cultivated over the course of many projects, and we partner seamlessly with other organizations as necessary to supplement in-house contacts.

Access to Key Audiences

Access to key audiences.PNG

HSM maintains robust databases of health plan and PBM decision makers, clinical and administrative leaders of integrated delivery systems and large medical groups, compensation and benefits executives in employer organizations, and benefits consultants.  We regularly work with our panel partners for other target audiences such as consumers and physicians.




All of our moderators are senior staff, offering many years of health care industry experience, and are conversant in both the clinical and business dimensions of health care.  Clients and research participants often compliment HSM on the depth of understanding and relevant foundational knowledge we bring to interviews, contributing to particularly productive fielding.




By starting with solid research design and overlaying our industry knowledge and experience, HSM distills research findings into a well-written, actionable, presentation-ready report.


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