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HSM & Newristics

The HSM Group is now a division of Newristics, LLC, a company focused on decision heuristics science. Decision heuristics science is the science of how humans use pre-programmed, mental shortcuts to make >95% of their decisions. 

Everyone you know and work with at HSM are still in similar roles.  Most of us have new titles and email addresses.  HSM continues to conduct the types of research you have known us for over the past years. We now have access to many more resources including talent. 


Newristics is the global leader in applying decision heuristics science to insights and marketing. Together, HSM and Newristics are leaders in: 

• Developing messages that talk directly to the heuristics used to make decisions
• Testing messages using innovative testing methodology to identify the most powerful message bundles
• Conducting customer satisfaction research and insight mining
• Developing of interactive economic models that the ROI of products and services
• Payer research for pharmaceutical and device companies 

Take your shortcut to great messaging at  

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