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Clients:  Manufacturers
Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

Based on our long history and the professional backgrounds of key staff, HSM understands the challenges companies face in gaining support for their products among diverse stakeholders.  Given the dynamic, price-sensitive global health care environment and evolving U.S. delivery system, companies are striving to preserve or create value with an increasingly complex range of customers.  HSM brings insight and perspective about the “big picture” to initiatives and strategies, such as:

  • Understanding roles, processes, and manufacturer opportunities in integrated delivery systems and accountable care organizations

  • Anticipating and responding to market events including the launch of a new competitor, approval of additional indications, or generic intrusion

  • Assessing behavioral patterns and processes within a customer channel

  • Tracking stakeholder perspectives and behavior over time

  • Developing and evaluating customer value-added/collaborative programs

  • Testing concepts, messaging, and collateral

Medical Device Manufacturers 

HSM understands the challenges companies face in gaining support for new and enhanced devices among clinical opinion leaders, surgical staff, hospital purchasing and GPO decision makers, and payers (health plans and employers).  We have a firm grasp of the nuances of commercial versus Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement environments and the perspectives of clinical and administrative leaders in emerging delivery models including accountable care organizations.  The result for our clients is perspective about the “big picture” coupled with actionable insight to help clients develop and hone critical initiatives and product strategies.

Examples of assignments HSM has completed for medical device clients include:

  • Product profile evaluation versus competitive offerings

  • User/purchaser perceptions of new clinical data

  • Convening and facilitating managed care advisory boards

  • Product vulnerability assessment following a key market event

  • Branding and market positioning following a merger

  • Economic modeling to demonstrate cost savings of new surgical treatment

  • Service recovery following product recall

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