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Solutions:  Consulting
Competitive Research

Each competitive research assignment is unique.  HSM consultants begin by understanding what questions a client wants answered and how they expect to use the findings.  Our goal is to gather sufficient information to make meaningful comparisons between our client’s products or processes and their competitor(s) so that strategic decisions can be made based on knowledge.  The information is amassed by collecting and analyzing data available in the public domain (including social media) as well as primary research in many cases.  Some of the questions we have addressed in competitive research assignments:

  • What are the comparative benefits of products or services offered by a competitor?

  • How is a competitor’s product positioned in the market?

  • How do potential customers view the competitor?

  • How is the competitor organized?

  • How are they using social media, advertising or, public relations?

  • What are the sales channels of the other organization?  Pricing?  Success?

White Papers

White papers are sometimes a good format to disseminate information from a research or consulting project.  They are used to educate a target audience and often to advocate a certain position or solution.  Some examples of HSM-developed white papers available in the public domain:

The Costs of Untreated Mental Illness in Greater Kansas City

Cost-of-illness studies inform policymakers and health care professionals about the magnitude of specific health problems and the cost to society.  Often these studies quantify illnesses in terms of how much money is spent for treatment as well as monetizing side effects of illnesses, such as lost time at work.  The HSM Group calculated the cost of untreated mental illness in the Kansas City metropolitan area for the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City.  The results were staggering:  Untreated mental illness is costing Greater Kansas City about $624 million per year.  The information is being used by the foundation to advocate for an increase in state funding for mental illness treatment.  A modeling tool developed by HSM allows users to analyze their own data and assess specific local impacts.  Click here to read the white paper.  


HSM will custom-design training programs to enhance customer service delivered by front-line health care staff, physicians, or other health care professionals.  Programs utilize the award-winning video conceived by HSM, It’s a Dog’s World, from CRM Learning. 

It's a Dog's World
A painfully funny story of uncaring health care, this 14-minute video from CRM Learning contrasts the experience of Bob at his doctor and pharmacists with his dog, Max, who has a highly satisfying visit to the vet. The serious message amid the humor: Patient satisfaction is critical to your organization's survival. To view the trailer or order the video, click here.

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